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Rubberpoint and inflatable boats

There is more than one reason why you could chose an inflatable boat over other kinds of vessels, namely:

- They are virtually unsinkable thanks to the great resistance of the inflatable parts which are divided into sectors for greater safety.

- They are easy to transfer from one place to another. An inflatable boat (at least the types having an inflatable keel) can be completely deflated to fit in your car trunk.

- They are highly impact-resistant.
The inflatable part cushion crashes.

Besides those mentioned above there may be a lot of other personal reasons why you could prefer an inflatable boat rather than a rigid vessel, as for example their convenient price and nice-looking shape...

Of course inflatable boats also present a number of weak points, which are mentioned in these pages:

An inflatable boat need special attentions in certain situations, for example the stranding, and a long permanence in water can be detrimental to it. Experienced inflatable boat sailors know these limit very well, but they also know the big advantages offered by this kind of vessels and are often unwilling to let go of their inflatable boats in favor of other traditional vessels.

Rubberpoint has been active in the sector of inflatable boats for many years: this is not only our job but also our passion: passion for inflatable boats, passion for sailing, passion for the sea...

For further information on the possible repair intervention we can do on your inflatable boats,
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